Have you ever watched the news hearing of a judges decision or ruling and wondered how did we ever get to this point. I can answer that question, it’s called elections & usually about 35% of registered voters decide them… Our judicial system is comprised of elected and appointed judges. The appointed judges are also placed into position by other elected officials. Ok, so here is another question. How many lives that you know have been impacted by a judicial ruling? I know hundreds, you may know more or less but either way it’s extremely important and very personal. Your vote is your voice and if you wish to keep more judges from changing or creating laws aka legislating from the bench, then you should vote conservative! Most of the time that means voting Republican! If there are times when it means voting a minor party then that just means more people like you need to be actively involved in the Republican Party to make it more conservative and make it follow your strong family values. The time for sitting at home and watching election returns and wondering how we got to this point is long gone. It’s time to participate and time to vote! Have you voted yet?!?

Wise County Republicans
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